Young Dolph’s Murder Trial’s Judge Removed, Will Get Replacement: Report

The murder trial of Young Dolph was already a complicated and arduously lengthy affair, but things just got another twist. Moreover, the Court of Criminal Appeals removed Judge Lee Coffee from the case, according to AllHipHop, who presided over the case up until this point. For those unaware, four individuals currently face charges for the 2021 murder of the Memphis rapper at his favorite bakery, Makeda’s Homemade Cookies. Specifically, Coffee’s recusal reportedly stems from his alleged mistreatment of one of the defendants, Justin Johnson. Also known by his rap name Straight Drop, he released the track “No Statements” from behind bars last year on YouTube.

Furthermore, Judge Lee Coffee apparently got in touch with the chief jailer and demanded that Young Dolph’s accused killer move to administrative isolation. He made this request despite conclusions from prison authorities that this release did not break any regulations. Afterwards, Johnson’s lawyers requested Coffee’s removal, which the judge obviously dismissed but could not prevent form moving to a successful appeal. As such, the Court of Criminal Appeals stated that “it would appear to a reasonable person that Judge Coffee has a prejudice of a personal character directed at the defendant.”

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The Song That Got Young Dolph’s Murder Trial’s Judge Mad- And In Trouble

Their ruling severed Coffee from the Young Dolph case, responding directly to previously overlooked power imbalances and a lack of impartiality. This means that this trial needs a new judge, which will likely enter the case within due time. Hopefully it’s quickly, as this process could delay an already years-long case with more roadblocks in its way that don’t relate to this. While the defendants could face a better chance with another authority at the head, the opposite is equally possible, and justice could come more effectively now.

Meanwhile, this comes as folks continue to celebrate Dolph’s legacy, impact, and reverence within his community and the representation of Memphis rap across the whole genre. Even though it’s unclear what implications this judge swap will yield for the case, fans are holding out hope that this is the light at the end of the tunnel. Until we fully emerge on the other side, though, anything could happen. For more news and the latest updates on Young Dolph, log back into HNHH.

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