“Baddies East”: Tee And Scarface Brawl During Go-Karting Outing

A seemingly innocent day out goes horribly awry in this week’s episode of Baddies East. Things get a little tense after the crew rolls up to an indoor go-karting place. Some of the group started pressing Tee as to why she looks so dour. Tee simply responds that she’s not feeling great. However, that’s not enough for some of the group, who keep pressing, asking why she’s giving Rollie the “death stare”. Before you know it, Scarface and Tee are full-on brawling in front of the crew. Be sure to check out the full episode to see where things go from there.

However, Tee has already made her thoughts on the altercation before the episode even dropped. “People talking about how she’s saying that she had to hold back because we can’t fight the way people do on other networks. Okay, but we still fought and we still threw down, b-tch. Like, how can you hold back on a b-tch if you fighting somebody. Yeah I put my bag down because b-tch kept inching closer to me and staring at me the whole time. And now she blaming me, saying I was staring her? Naw b-tch,” Tee said on TikTok.

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Tee Calls Scarface “A Follower”

However, Tee wasn’t done shading Scarface on social media. “It’s majority rule. Everything the majority does, this girl does. She’s a follower. Like girl, how come nobody could hear what you were saying to me when you was talking to me in that preview? You weren’t mic’d because nobody gave a f-ck. I wasn’t even talking to you. Why would I talk to you? I don’t even know you. I don’t know you, girl, and you don’t know me. You were standing there next to Rollie tryna put in your two cents for no stupid ass reason…Poor ugly looking thing. What is going on? Like, what is going on here?” Tee said in a longer version of her post-preview TikTok.

Scarface has also weighed in on the altercation. “They didn’t tell us not to fight but I didn’t want to go hard on [her]. There’s no point. Y’all see next week the reason why. But I want y’all to know – can’t nobody make me do sh-t. When I’m in fighting mode, I don’t hear the crowd, I don’t hear nobody. So you can stop with all that Rollie instigating. Rollie can’t make me jump. I jump because I feel like jumpin’,” Scarface said on her own TikTok livestream. Be sure to what the full episode to get the full story.

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