Blueface Gets Handsy With Unknown Woman Despite Engagement To Jaidyn Alexis

In a new clip, Blueface is seen hugging an unknown woman despite his recent engagement to the mother of his first two kids, Jaidyn Alexis. While it’s unclear who the woman in the video is, fans think that the two of them got a bit too close for comfort. With that being said, these aren’t the first cheating allegations the rapper’s been hit with as of late, so it doesn’t come as too much a surprise to followers.

Earlier this week, Chrisean Rock came forward, claiming that his proposal to Jaidyn was nothing but a “publicity stunt.” She further accused him of giving her a ring that was originally meant for her. Chrisean didn’t stop there, however. According to her, the two of them are still sleeping together, hooking up as recently as this week.

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Blueface’s Cheating Allegations Continue

To make matters more messy, Chrisean says that they didn’t use protection, and appears to suspect that she might be pregnant. While this would certainly make for an incredibly complicated situation for all involved, Blueface seemed to deny these allegations shortly after she made them. He reminded followers that he’s now “a married man,” though he and Jaidyn have yet to officially wed. Despite his claims, fans continue to wonder whether or not he’s telling the truth. Speculation that he was unfaithful to Jaidyn was only compounded when his own mother, Karlissa Saffold, weighed in recently.

She noted that he really didn’t say much of anything in his response to the allegations. Saffold said that this leads her to believe that Chrisean was telling the truth. “I’m gonna go with he was in the p***y last night,” she declared. What do you think of this recent clip of Blueface? Do you think he was being disrespectful to Jaidyn, or are fans overreacting? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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