Kai Cenat Shades GloRilla After She Considers Unblocking Him

Kai Cenat may no longer be a fan of GloRilla. On the evening of October 28, Glo tweeted “I’m drunk af rn I might f-ck around & unblock Kai,” referring to her blocking of Cenat some weeks ago. Cenat, who is currently two days into his “seven-day prison livestream“, reacted to the news live and, in short, he isn’t looking to mend fences or build bridges. “You made your bed you better stay there. You made your bed, you better stay there!” Cenat hollered as his crew went wild behind him.

Glo originally blocked Cenat after he criticized her song “Cha Cha Cha”. In fairness, Cenat’s critique was pretty harsh, with the streamer going as far as to say that he felt “betrayed” by the Memphis rapper’s latest song. In a recent Instagram Live, Glo even broke her silence on why she blocked Cenat. “Don’t come on my Live asking me about nobody I done blocked. They blocked and they gonna stay there. You made your bed you gotta lay there,” Glo told her audience. The last line of Glo’s response is the exact thing that Cenat was referring to in his prison stream reaction.

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NLE Choppa Gets Weird On Cenat’s Livestream

As mentioned, Cenat’s reaction to Glo’s late-night tweet came during his prison livestream. It’s certainly one of the more bizarre projects that Cenat has undertaken. However, some people feel that some of the guests have already started to take things too far. Some viewers, and even Cenat himself, were turned off by comments by made by rapper NLE Choppa. While sharing a cell with Cenat, Choppa really got into character. “Imma f-ck him. I’m not gonna let him play with my booty hole,” Choppa screamed as Cenat watched on in confusion.

However, the pair quickly moved past the strange interaction. Later, they the pair performed Nicki Minaj’s Drake collab “Moment 4 Life”. The 2010 hit, that peaked at #13 on the Billboard Hot 100, is about two childhood friends realizing they had “made it”. It’s something of a bizarre choice for a prison livestream but then again, a prison roleplay livestream is bizarre enough in and of itself. We’re sure that more memorable moments will come out of the stream, which runs until November 3.

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