Stephen A. Smith Weighs In On “Dinner With JAY-Z Or $500K”

Stephen A. Smith has become the latest person to answer the age-old question – dinner with JAY-Z or $500K. Smith weighed in after Hov himself told people to take the money. “I don’t think this is as cut and dry as JAY-Z says it is. If you are broke and you are struggling to pay the bills? You take the half-million. Because money talks. But if you have the money, just adding $500K to your coffers opposed to a one-on-one meeting with such a brilliant brother as this? I’m not sure you turn it down.” Smith went on to argue that a face-to-face meeting provides you with more clarity when it comes to advice and the ability to cultivate a relationship with JAY-Z “if he’s impressed by you”.

However, it’s a question that has proven divisive. A lot of people have chosen the dinner over the money simply because it would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet JAY-Z. Furthermore, there are a few things about Smith’s answer that are a little personal experience-specific. Smith makes $12 million a year from ESPN alone. He doesn’t need the money. But $500K is a life-changing amount for about 99% of the population. But what do you think – are you taking the money or the meal? Let us know in the comments.

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JAY-Z Roasts Stephen A.

Additionally, it’s pretty easy for Stephen A. to give his answer thanks to his already cultivated relationship with JAY-Z. Hov was one of the people who roasted Smith for his terrible first pitch at a Yankees game earlier this year. According to Smith, the rapper texted him a picture of an article discussing Smith’s picture with a collection of sad face emojis attached. “He’s supposed to be my guy,” Smith said sadly.

More mockery came from the likes of Derek Jeter and Steve Harvey. Jeter reportedly told Smith “don’t mess this up” before the pitch. After the pitch, Jeter called Smith back and told him to claim he was playing “cricket not baseball”. Meanwhile, Harvey called into First Take to roast Smith. “Brother, man, I love you, dog. But I could not believe what I saw. Listen man, I don’t know if anyone who has called in today has actually thrown out a first pitch. I have thrown out a first pitch, at a Cubs game. I walked up to the mound, I’m actually 10, 12 years older than you. I leaned up back, I put some pepper on it. What you did yesterday…oh my god,” Steve Harvey said during a minute-long rant at Smith.

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