2 Chainz’s 7 Most Underrated Tracks

2 Chainz has come a long way from his time in Playaz Circle. As a result, much of his music today is his avenue to express his long-awaited success. Perhaps what stands out the most in his music are his larger-than-life lyrics. They particularly paint a vivid picture of the glamorous life of a famous rapper. Undoubtedly, 2 Chainz is Southern Hip Hop royalty, with more than a few hits to his name.

Moreover, having been featured by other famous rappers like Kanye West, Drake, Lil Wayne, and Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz is a sought-after Hip Hop commodity. However, like any other skilled musician, he has many under-the-radar songs and deep cuts. These tracks are often swept under the radar, except by dedicated fans. Ahead of his upcoming album with Lil Wayne, let’s dive into his discography and introduce you to some tracks that weren’t so popular but are worth discovering. 

“OG Kush Diet” (2017)

“OG Kush Diet” is exactly what it sounds like. On this track, 2 Chainz smoothly goes over his activities as a recreational marijuana smoker who has just lost someone. Boasting about his wealth in this song, he focuses on his vehicles, mentioning a Rolls Royce, a rental car, and a Porsche. He also creatively infuses a line that mentions the Migos: “Sippin’ Quavo, riding offsets, guess I’m about to take off.” The single is also a part of his album titled Pretty Girls Like Trap Music. Therefore, the line has been translated to be a tribute to the group, especially as they are one of the most popular figures in trap music. 

“Feds Watching” 2 Chainz feat. Pharell (2013) 

“Feds Watching” is a song detailing 2 Chainz’s affinity for expensive clothes and clothing accessories. As expected, the larger-than-life track has evidently become an anthem for most of his fans. In the two-verse extended bop, he outlines different designer brands he favors and the activities he engages in while so glamorously clad. Perhaps this song is a reference to the days when 2 Chainz was a drug dealer, especially as he asserts that he’d carry on, even though it may bring the attention of the “feds.” Even though the single has been certified platinum, it still doesn’t receive the flowers it deserves for its brilliant lyricism and honest storytelling.

“Rolls Royce B*tch” (2017)

We already know 2 Chainz’s lyrics can be braggadocious, but he seems to particularly have a love for Rolls Royce. In “Rolls Royce B*tch,” the Atlanta rapper brags about his Rolls, referring to the suicide-door style the car manufacturer uses, which requires doors to be opened from the rear. Literally alluding to his ability to make large amounts in passive income, 2 Chainz raps smoothly. In the third line, he says, “I can make a hundred thousand just sitting by the steps.” But just before, in the first and second lines, he talks about the importance of being healthy. Really, “Rolls Royce B*tch” is 2 Chainz saying that he has his life figured out, and he does not hold any words back. 

“NCAA” (2017)

“NCAA” criticizes the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) for its unfair athlete compensation system. Due to this widespread relatability of the track, it has become one of the rapper’s most appreciated deep cuts. 2 Chainz, who was also a college athlete himself in the ’90s, went through the system. So, his lyrics and criticism come from a place of authenticity and experience. However, on “NCAA,” his bars also indicate that he is over the flawed system. Instead, he used it as a motivation to pursue his financial goals.

“Toni” (2020)

Another appreciated deep cut in 2 Chainz’s discography is “Toni.” The song is a funny representation of a stereotype that 2 Chainz quirkily describes in the song. In an interview with Apple Music discussing his album So Help Me God!, he explains that Tony is a name the community calls anyone who dealt drugs. In yet another song, 2 Chainz refers to his past as a drug dealer, discussing the intricacies of that life. However, this time, he speaks about the activities of “Toni,” which is left to the listener to interpret.

“Dear Mr. LA Reid” (2007)

“Dear Mr. LA Reid” is a song from 2 Chainz’s time as a member of the rap duo Playaz Circle. The title, which is on the nose, mentions LA Reid, the famous record executive. In this number, 2 Chainz (known as Tity Boi at this time) and his friend and partner, Dolla Boy, deliver lines about how difficult it is to penetrate the rap game. He fervently mentions that they had been working hard for years and deserved their big break. The song ends with 2 Chainz proclaiming that his duo’s time would come, and somehow, they would finally be in the limelight. “Dear Mr. LA Reid” holds great weight today and is a favorite among the rapper’s fans. This is especially true because he did, in fact, make his dreams come true. 

“Stop Me Now” 2 Chainz feat. Dolla Boy (2012)

“Stop Me Now” is a message of hope and progress. Sampling Cissy Houston’s “Nothing Can Stop Me,” 2 Chainz raps about his progress and how far he has come. It seems fitting that he featured his old partner, Dolla Boy, on this song. The pair spend the song reminiscing on their days as up-and-coming rappers. Furthermore, 2 Chainz spits about the sheer tenacity that had brought him this far. The sample brings an especially soulful vibe to the song and gives the track a comforting fee. Although 2 Chainz is being braggadocious as usual, he also sounds quite solemn and delivers the message succinctly. 


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