ENHYPEN Named First-Ever Global Ambassador for Top Korean Skincare Brand Dr.Jart+: Exclusive

Korean skincare and beauty have walked alongside K-pop music in becoming global forces in their respective industries. Today, two fan-favorites from South Korea come together in a first-of-its-kind partnership.

Billboard can exclusively reveal that Korean skincare innovators Dr.Jart+ has named boy band ENHYPEN as the brand’s first-ever global ambassador. Kicking off with a new campaign called “Supercharged repair, Cicapair” (referencing Dr.Jart+’s beloved Cicapair line known for utilizing Centella Asiatica Extract, or tiger grass, for soothing and improving damaged skin), ENHYPEN will not only star in a series of new visuals (which you can get a first look at here on Billboard) but a campaign showcasing each member solving a challenge tied to a benefit in the Cicapair line and its next generation for new versions of its existing products.


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“We are delighted and honored to become the inaugural global ambassadors for Dr.Jart+,” ENHYPEN says in a statement. “We plan to reveal our most authentic and natural selves with Dr.Jart+. We hope our fans around the world join us in our excitement about this partnership with much more to come soon.”

Dr.Jart+’s Global Brand President Christopher K. Wood adds, “Dr.Jart+ brings joy to its community through its high-performance skincare and whimsical, engaging campaigns. ENHYPEN is the ideal inaugural global ambassador for Dr.Jart+. Together, we share passion for innovation, art, creativity and great skin. We are so excited to welcome ENHYPEN and their fans into the world of Dr.Jart+.”

Indeed, Dr.Jart+ and ENHYPEN share a commonality in quickly crossing over worldwide.

A leader of the K-beauty wave, Dr.Jart+ was one of the first Korean brands to have a presence in America in the late ’00s and now boast dozen of products available in major stores like Sephora. Meanwhile, ENHYPEN members Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Sunghoon, Jake, Sunoo and Ni-ki are part of K-pop’s next generation of border breakers after smashing into the Billboard charts on the first try with their debut EP, Border: Day One, landing at No. 14 on the World Albums chart in November 2020, before climbing the Billboard 200 with five Top 20 entries to their name, most recently peaking at No. 4 with Dark Blood this year. Plus, after playing arenas on their first U.S. tour in 2022, performing for over 85,000 fans on the U.S. leg of their Fate World Tour that wrapped this month, and becoming Prada global ambassadors after attending their first runway show, ENHYPEN know the art of a good first impression.

“Being the first holds a special significance and is memorable,” says ENHYPEN singer Sunoo. “I’m incredibly grateful for ENHYPEN to have the honor of becoming the first global ambassador of the brand. It’s awesome!” The group leader Jungwon shares, “I was very surprised when I first heard of our collaboration with such a renowned brand. Even now, it’s somewhat surreal that we are the brand’s first global ambassador—I’m more than thrilled for this collaboration.”

The new Dr.Jart+ Cicapair line will be available in November 2023 for South Korea, in December for China, and markets across the United States and Europe in the first half of 2024.

Whether you’re a beauty enthusiast or a hardcore ENGENE—or both—more on the campaign is available at the Dr.Jart+ global ambassador page. Read more from the ENHYPEN members on their skincare journeys, pet peeves against sticky textures and more.


Can you tell us about your personal skincare routines or journeys?

JUNGWON: My fans know that I prefer to keep my skincare routine simple and avoid using multiple products. That’s why I love the Cicapair Intensive Soothing Repair Gel Cream because it perfectly soothes my skin without the need to apply any other products. The best part is its non-sticky texture.

SUNGHOON: My skin was pretty damaged because we wear makeup often and do activities that can irritate our skin, given the nature of our work. These days, I mainly turn to Cicapair Intensive Soothing Repair Cream as my moisturizer, and I can feel my skin soothing as the product’s texture effectively adheres to my skin.

Your partnership with Dr.Jart+ debuts with the “Supercharged, repair, Cicapair” campaign. Tell us about preparing for and shooting it?

HEESEUNG: I remember having a lot of fun during the shoot because the idea of using music to convey the essence of skincare was refreshingly unique. We all had a blast.

SUNOO: When you see cosmetics ads, you get to see the brand’s image. Being the one to convey that brand image was an amazing experience for me. To prepare for the shoot, I made sure to test all of the Cicapair products to gain a more comprehensive understanding of them.

Do any of you have a history with Dr.Jart+ products?

JUNGWON: As I recall, I have fond memories of using Dr.Jart+ body lotion when I was young. My mom would apply the lotion to my skin after I finished taking a shower. Perhaps that’s why Dr.Jart+ feels like my childhood friend that has grown up with me and will continue to be by my side.

JAY: My favorite product has to be the Dermask that I started using during childhood. I liked that it gave me the impression it’s good for my skin and I think my skin is in great condition today because I’ve been loyal to Dr.Jart+ products since I was young.

SUNGHOON: I’ve been using the Dermaclear Micro pH Foam ever since my school days. I love how effectively they cleanse my skin while keeping it perfectly moisturized.

Have you been able to try the products yourselves? Can you recommend some favorites?

JUNGWON: I’ve been using the Cicapair Intensive Soothing Repair Serum for the past few days, and I’ve experienced excellent moisturization; the green gel is incredibly hydrating. In the past, I used to apply a thick layer of moisturizing cream to keep my skin hydrated, but this product provides deep moisturization with just a small amount and doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky.

HEESEUNG: My favorite product is the Cicapair Sleepair Intensive Soothing Repair Mask. It keeps my skin well-hydrated throughout the day, and I absolutely love it. It is an essential product for those with extremely dry skin like me. 100 percent recommend this Sleepair Mask. When you open it, you’ll find a jelly-like, elastic, moisturizing texture. When you apply it, it cools down your skin. Leave it on while you sleep and you’ll see your skin glow. It’s so easy!

JAY: I also tried the Cicapair Sleepair Intensive Soothing Repair Mask. I love a good night’s sleep and prefer not to apply anything stuffy on my face before bed because it doesn’t feel nice the next morning. I tried this product the night before the shoot,and, as you can tell from its name, it is such a great product to apply before sleep. What I value most when choosing cosmetics is a light application, and this product fits the bill.

JAKE: My favorite Dr.Jart+ product is the Cicapair Intensive Soothing Repair Gel Cream. I typically avoid using sticky creams, but this one has a completely non-sticky texture that I love. I definitely recommend it. It doesn’t feel like I’m applying anything on my skin, and when I wake up in the morning, my skin remains wonderfully hydrated.

SUNGHOON: To prepare for the shoot [with Dr.Jart+], I used a Cicapair Intensive Soothing Repair Serum Mask last night. When I woke up this morning, my skin felt radiant and refreshed…very satisfied with this product.

SUNOO: I noticed that the Cicapair Intensive Soothing Repair Cream has a slightly thicker texture compared to other products, but it gives advanced soothing effects better than any other items. The finish it leaves on my skin is remarkable, and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky. I feel like my skin was well hydrated after applying this product. What struck me the most was the immediate calming effect upon application. It also strikes a nice balance between oil and water levels, making it suitable for a wide range of skin types. Definitely recommend it as a versatile skincare option, especially as the weather starts to get colder.

NI-KI: I applied the Cicapair Intensive Soothing Repair Treatment Lotion before going to sleep, and the next day, I noticed a significant improvement in my skin’s hydration after cleansing, I’d like to recommend this lotion.

Fans see ENHYPEN work up a sweat performing on tour and experimenting with beauty and makeup looks for videos and photoshoots. How crucial are good products for your K-pop career?

JAY: I believe it plays a significant role, which is why I prioritize staying well-hydrated and sticking to a thorough cleansing routine. Good skincare and maintaining healthy skin are just as important as achieving a flawless makeup look.

NI-KI: I tend to work up quite a sweat during intense performances at our concerts, so I often apply thick makeup to look my best on stage. Given this, I pay special attention to my cleansing routine to make sure that my skin is fresh and clean at the end of the day.

JAKE: I’ve been using Cicapair Intensive Soothing Repair Treatment Lotion often, actually. After cleansing, using a moisturizing lotion is extremely important because I have dry skin due to daily makeup. I feel like my skin is fully moisturized after using this product. Also, when I wake up in the morning, my skin used to feel dry, but after using this product it feels more hydrated. I’m going to keep using this product for a long time.

You release your ORANGE BLOOD album on November 17, just as the new Dr.Jart+ products launch in Korea. Can you share any hints for what fans can expect?

HEESEUNG: As much as ENGENEs and we have eagerly awaited this album, I have no doubt that it will be a sweet album for all. Let’s gaurr!

NI-KI: In comparison to our last album, DARK BLOOD, this upcoming album features songs and performances with a brighter tone. It’s a chance for us to reveal some fresh sides of ourselves and our music. Please stay tuned!

What else is coming from ENHYPEN before the year ends?

JAKE: The most exciting news is that our fifth mini album ORANGE BLOOD is just around the corner. We’re all eagerly anticipating its release and have put our best efforts into it, with our ENGENEs in mind. I’ve mentioned it many times, but I genuinely believe it’s our best album to date.

SUNGHOON: I agree with JAKE, and to expand on that, I think ORANGE BLOOD has by far the best B-side tracks as well. ENGENEs, please look forward to it!

Anything else to share right now?

JUNGWON: ENGENEs! Thanks to your love and support, ENHYPEN have become the global ambassadors for Dr.Jart+. We’re excited to show our authentic selves through this partnership, so please stay tuned for what’s in store!


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