Mustard Demands $10K From His Ex-Wife For Trying To See His Finances Amid Divorce

It’s been a difficult, contentious, and accountable past two years for hip-hop producer DJ Mustard, now simply known as Mustard. Moreover, he filed for divorce from his wife Chanel Thierry back in May of 2022, which quickly became a decidedly nasty process. Amid child support payment battles, airing out of other partners, and more, it hasn’t been pretty to witness. If you’re at all familiar with the blogosphere and sites like ours, then you most likely know a little bit about it already. Now, we have a new development in their legal split process, which saw the beatmaker demand $10K from his former wife.

Furthermore, according to a Radar Online report, this is based on Mustard’s accusation that Thierry tried to unrightfully access his finances. Apparently, she recently issued five subpoenas to his previous employers, looking for documents that were “not relevant” in the divorce. What’s more is that the L.A. artist claimed that these filings sought info from as far back as 2016, years before their marriage, that they already settled in a prenup. If you’re curious, the companies that she allegedly reached out to are Roc Nation, EMI, Live Music, Universal, and Sony.

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Mustard Wants His Ex-Wife To Pay For Trying To Stretch Divorce Process Out

Still, you might be wondering why Chanel Thierry would want to look for this in the first place. This is because she allegedly wants to find out more information about Mustard’s income to fight for a larger amount in monthly child support payments in court. “She will use an abusive discovery strategy to cause this divorce to last longer than the entire length of the marriage,” he filed in court while asking that she pay for this wrongdoing with $10K. Despite legal authorities already resolving the child support issue, the 33-year-old maintains that Thierry is engaging in “an expansive, unnecessary, and expensive discovery campaign into the financial issues that have been resolved and/or are conclusively governed” by the prenup.

Meanwhile, his lawyer stated that he already paid the agreed child and spousal support amounts, both based on court rulings and the prenup. As such, they want the court to throw out these subpoenas and punish Thierry for trying to escalate and elongate this process through this action. It’s all very murky water, and unfortunately, it probably won’t get any clearer. To find out if it does, keep checking in with HNHH for more news and the latest updates on Mustard.

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