Sukihana Buys Groceries For Two Florida Families In Four-Minute Challenge: Watch

Sukihana may be well-known for her raunchy and viral antics, but she can also make an Internet splash for much more wholesome reasons. Sure, those also come with their fair share of wildness and social media fixation, but such is the nature of online content. Moreover, she recently did a four-minute Walmart challenge with two Jacksonville, Florida mothers and their children. If you’re wondering what that means, each family had four minutes to get as much food as they could, and the rapper and reality TV personality would pay for it all. Needless to say, they got a lot of food in that short timespan, or for however long she let it go on.

Furthermore, many will probably immediately blast Sukihana for making this kind of content. Many see stuff like this as exploitative, voyeuristic, virtue-signaling, or way too informal or played up for views and engagement to take it seriously. However, she is doing a good deed at the end of the day, one that many mothers strive to do for their children every single day. As such, think what you think about this, but you at least have to commend the Delaware native for this gesture, no matter how big, small, costly, or viral.

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Sukihana’s Four-Minute Grocery Challenge In Jacksonville: Watch

At the very least, it’s more beneficial that what she usually makes headlines for, such as her beef with Khia. Regardless of all that, it seems like this is something that will become more common moving forward. In fact, this is the second time that Sukihana has done this for families, the first instance being for mothers in Atlanta. Much like this challenge iteration in Jacksonville, those who participated were incredibly grateful for her help, and this likely resonated with a lot of mothers worldwide, whether they’re in the trenches or living large.

Meanwhile, what do you think about this four-minute challenge? Do the positives outweigh the negatives, or is this just a way to get people on your side easily? Whatever the case, let us know in the comments section down below. As always, come back to HNHH for the latest news and updates on Sukihana.

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