2Pac Didn’t Like Warren G, According To Suge Knight

Warren G recently say down for an episode of Drink Champs. During the interview, he spoke on a number of things. one in particular being his connection to 2pac. was gonna try to bail [2Pac] out. I got beat to the punch. I was going to put up the money and I didn’t want nothing, I swear to God,” he said during the episode. While the story seems nice at first, someone even closer to Pac emerged to refute the story and claim Warren was lying.

During the first episode of Collect Call With Suge Knight, Suge himself addressed Warren’s claims. “Warren G, best stop lying — you didn’t fuck with ’Pac and ’Pac didn’t fuck with you. On top of that, you couldn’t take care of yourself, how were you gonna get ’Pac out of prison? Everybody, all of a sudden, they want to get ’Pac out of prison,” he responded. It’s one of many times that Suge has come to the defense of 2pac recently. With his name back in the news a lot, the rapper’s former manager is attempting to make sure nobody misuses his name and legacy. Listen to the full podcast clip below.

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Suge Knight Claims 2pac Didn’t Like Warren G

The way Suge Knight has tried to defend 2pac contrasts with another recent story about him. Pac’s former manager claimed in a recent interview that the rapper had been “exploited financially” by Suge. She claimed to have witnessed the exploitation first hand, seeing Pac being taken advantage of with her own eyes.

Another former 2pac ally, Napoleon, is also standing up for the late rapper. He called out a handful of people, Snoop Dogg among them, for the way they talk about Pac today. “They do it in such a slick way so you can be like, ‘Oh wow, he’s not a hater,” he said. What do you think of Suge Knight’s claim that 2pac and Warren G never liked each other? Let us know in the comment section below.

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