Lloyd Banks Shares New Album Details “Halloween Havoc IV: The 72nd Hour”

Lloyd Banks is in the Halloween spirit! Just a week after proclaiming himself as one of the generation’s best rappers, Lloyd Banks is showing no signs of backing down from that assertion. In a bold move to further solidify his status, he recently announced a brand-new album, Halloween Havoc IV. It’s set to drop tonight at midnight. With this surprise release, Banks is not only affirming his self-proclaimed rap dominance but also delivering a treat to his fans. Just in time for Halloween. Lloyd Banks made waves recently when he boldly declared that no one could out-rap him. While some may view this as a big claim, Banks is now backing up his words with action.

Lloyd Banks took to IG to share the extra details in a caption that wrote: “Halloween Havoc IV ‘The 72nd Hr’ available at midnight!!! On all streaming platforms!!! & Itunes!!!! 100% independent let’s run this up!!!” In addition to sharing the cover art, he also posted the tracklist. There appear to be 15 tracks listed with features from Sy Ari Da Kid, Vado, and production credits from Cartune Beatz, George Getson, Wes King, Haas Almahdi and LJ Milan.

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Lloyd Banks Reveals Details

The announcement of Halloween Havoc IV is a testament to his dedication to his craft. And his desire to prove his skills to the world. It’s also part of his annual halloween tradition which follows the three other albums released as part of the sequel. To build anticipation for Halloween Havoc IV, Lloyd Banks shared a captivating teaser trailer that encompasses the eerie and Halloween-inspired theme of the project. In less than a minute, the video provides a glimpse into the album’s mood and atmosphere. The imagery includes individuals carrying torches, brandishing axes, and sharpening knives, setting the tone for a dark and thrilling musical experience.

Lloyd Banks’ unwavering confidence in his rap abilities is reflected in his surprise album drop, Halloween Havoc IV. The project marks a celebration of his lyrical supremacy. It also offers fans a thrilling and haunting experience just in time for Halloween. With its eerie teaser and the legacy of the Halloween Havoc series behind it, this album is poised to be a must-listen for hip-hop aficionados. As the clock ticks down to its release, all eyes and ears are on Lloyd Banks, eagerly awaiting another chapter in his rap saga.

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