MF DOOM & Nas Once Freestyled: New Details Emerge From DOOM’s Former Assistant

MF DOOM is a rap legend in every sense of the word. Often describes as “your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper” he garnered respect and admiration from across the genre’s landscape. It’s been three years since his tragic passing and in all the time since fans of the late rapper have poured out a variety of tributes for him. The most recent came from an editorial posted by his former assistant Courtney Brown in The Source.

In the piece, Brown sheds some light on a long-rumored legendary crossover between DOOM and Nas. “I moved to L.A. to assist him as he worked on DangerDOOM. During that time we spent a lot of time finding inspiration for that album and hanging out with my best friend at the time Kelis and her husband, rapper Nas,” she begins. “One day after a bougie L.A. dinner I convinced them to come back to my hotel room where DOOM put on some beats and Nas began freestyling. This lasted nearly an hour. DOOM had his Special Herbs CD on him and it was a historical moment not captured on camera or recorded.” Check out the full story below.

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Details On Nas And MF DOOMS’s Hour-Long Freestyle

Remembering MF DOOM: A Personal Story #WeGotUs #SourceLove

— The Source Magazine (@TheSource) October 31, 2023

While MF DOOM and Nas never got to formally collaborate, they did express admiration for each other. DOOM said in a later interview that he always wished they had recorded some of the freestyles the pair did together. He mentioned one Special Herbs beat in particular that Nas crushed in a freestyle but it never made it to release.

Earlier this year questions began to arise about the health care that resulted in DOOM’s untimely death. After his wife expressed concern publicly over the rare reaction he had that ultimately proved fatal, the hospital where he eventually died offered an apology. What do you think of the new details shared about Nas and MF DOOM’s legendary freestyle session? Let us know in the comment section below.

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