Why Did “L&HH” Wait To Fire Erica Mena? Reality Starlet Addresses Spice Drama & Losing Her Job

It’s been over two months since MTV and Love & Hip Hop producers made the call to fire Erica Mena for calling her co-star, Spice, a “blue monkey” during filming. When the incident unfolded in real-time, the actress claimed she didn’t receive any sort of backlash from creators. Instead, she proceeded to fulfill her work obligations as per usual. When the episode finally aired, however, Mena was blasted by many viewers, causing her to ultimately lose her job. During a new interview with Carlos King, the 35-year-old addressed the situation. She noted that she thinks it could’ve been handled in a far more professional manner.

“When it happened, I knew I f**ked up that day,” Mena recalled. “But then I was filming for months and months. I knew it was coming, but I wasn’t expecting it to be this bad,” she added, reflecting on the non-stop headlines about her in the final weeks of summer. “What’s not okay is [that] if this is as bad as the network says it is, why wasn’t I let go of a long time ago?” the New York native asked the question on many people’s minds.

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Erica Mena Reflects on Spice/L&HH Drama with Carlos King

Elsewhere in her chat with King, Mena explained what was running through her mind during her infamous fight with Spice. “In that moment, when she mentioned my son, I was so f**king thrown off,” the embattled entertained vented. “Just months prior, when I found out about her situation, you know what was the first thing I thought about? Her kids. God forbid something happens to them.”

Some tired social media users are suggesting that it’s time to drop the topic of Erica Mena being let go from L&HH. Interestingly, that’s not the only old story the reality starlet is making headlines for discussing this fall. Her 2013 affair with DJ Envy has also come up in more than one conversation, and Mena was more than happy to detail her experience with the radio host. Read everything she had to say at the link below and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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