French Montana’s Jet Searched For Contraband In Colombia

Globally acclaimed rapper and hip-hop artist French Montana recently found himself in an unexpected situation during his visit to Colombia. He took to social media to share an intriguing video that captured the moment his private jet was subjected to a thorough search by Colombian authorities. In the video, French Montana humorously addressed the situation, stating, “Colombia, I love y’all, but y’all ain’t have to do me like this. You know we Coke Boys, but we ain’t Coke Boys like that.” The reference to “Coke Boys” is a nod to his rap group, but it also carries a connotation linked to the illicit drug trade, a common association with Colombia. In the video, French Montana seemed to take the incident in stride, expressing understanding while playfully making light of the situation. He even mentioned the state of strip clubs in the area, jokingly alluding to the reason for search.

“I know y’all seen the strip clubs all f**ked up,” he said. “They thought I was comin’ to save the streets bringing a big load.” Despite the lighthearted tone, he emphasized that the authorities found nothing illegal. “They ain’t find nothing though, we good!”

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French Montana Made It Out OK

Social media users weighed in on the incident, with one individual commenting that French Montana appeared unusually pleased that the search took place, suggesting he might be seeking credit for his rap persona. The comment points to the often blurry line between an artist’s public persona and their real-life experiences. “He hella happy this happened, he tryna get some credit for his raps,” one person wrote.

Further, French Montana shared pics that depicted him standing alongside a narcotics dog and a security agent next to his private jet. The image added an element of authenticity to the situation. He posed for the pic, smiling wide. French Montana’s willingness to share the experience on social media demonstrates his transparency with his fans, showcasing both the humor and the reality of his life as a global celebrity.

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