Kevin Abstract Shares Yet Another Tease Of His Upcoming Solo Album

Kevin Abstract is gearing up to make his first post-Brockhampton move as a solo artist. While he already has a good bit of solo material under his belt, for the first time since the rap group called it quits last year he’s returning to his own work. So far the the singles have embraced his early DIY style with an aesthetic that’s more influenced by indie and punk. He’s kept his fans fed as well. The first single for the album “Blanket” dropped in the first week of October. Since then Abstract has shared three more singles, culminating in “Madonna” earlier today.

The track once again sees Kevin Abstract taking an indie pop route. The instrumental features acoustic guitar and rustic percussion while Kevin’s vocals are pitched up for much of the song. The song is generally quite uplifting, as much of his new material has been. The artwork once again keeps with the theme of felt monsters that has run through all of his new singles. This newest artwork features all three of the monsters that appeared on previous covers. Listen to the entire new single below.

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Kevin Abstract Sings To A Girl Who “Thinks She’s Madonna”

Kevin Abstract’s new album BLANKET is expected to drop later this week. Technically, it’s his first solo album since 2019’s Arizona Baby. Though many Brockhampton fans consider the group’s penultimate project The Family to be a Kevin solo album in disguise.

Blanket is Abstract’s 4th studio album following Arizona Baby as well as his breakout 2016 project American Boyfriend and his 2014 project MTV1987. He isn’t the only Brockhampton alum releasing music individually. Former members Ameer Vann and Merlyn Wood recently released a joint mixtape. What do you think of Kevin Abstract’s new single “Madonna?” Let us know in the comment section below.

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Quotable Lyrics:
She thinks she Madonna, maybe she Madonna
No friеnds, 2 A.M., and she hit the diner
Speedin’ homе, fever dream, outrunnin’ the drama
Next day, sunrise, just facin’ the water
She thinks she Madonna, she don’t wanna let us down

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