Oliver Tree Talks Curating His Artistic Persona, Reveals Upcoming Antarctica Show

Oliver Tree is fresh off the release of his third studio album, Alone in a Crowd, and he sat down with Billboard’s Rania Aniftos to discuss how he created a unique presence in the music industry.

“This is really a collection of all my favorite styles and selected works and highlights of what I like and different styles, but also still be a component that’s a thread through of a concept album,” he said of his new project. “The thing that also ties it together nicely is I produce on every single song and I’m the one who mixes so from the beginning of the conception, through the mixing process, I’m hands on.”

As for his goofy persona, Oliver said that it was somewhat of an unexpected journey for him. “I’d already spent the bulk of my existence on Earth making music and no one was listening to it,” he recalled. “No one cared. And I was like, ‘Wow, this actually working. This is bigger than my music.’ All I did was just show up looking stupid, and I think it’s a mirror that I was setting up of society, and how dumb things have gotten in a lot of ways but also experimentation is kind of the birth of invention and trying to make something that hasn’t been done a million times.”

The “Miss You” singer also revealed exclusively to Billboard that he’s planning a concert in Antarctica for the end of the year. “It’s finally happening at the end of this year. I get to finally go to Antarctica and I can’t say too much about it, but I will say that I’m finally making the dream come to life. It’s a long time coming,” he said.

Watch the full interview with Oliver Tree above.

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