Suge Knight Says The “Baddest B*tches” Are Dominating The Music Industry

Suge Knight says that women are in control of the music industry at the moment. Speaking on the state of hip-hop during a recent episode of his new podcast, Collect Call, the Death Row Records co-founder shared heaps of praise for a number of younger female artists.

“I think the industry is controlled by the baddest b*tches in the world,” he began. “The females got that sh*t on lock and when you look at the women, they came such a long way and they’re really, really strong. They’re not in the shadows of a man; they’re leading the way. I think Cardi B is incredible. That’s probably one of the biggest stars in the industry and a great business woman that leads the way.” From there, he praised Doja Cat, Summer Walker, Lizzo, and SZA as well.

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Suge Knight During Preliminary Court Hearing

LOS ANGELES, CA – APRIL 08: Marion ‘Suge’ Knight (R) appears in court with his Lawyer Matthew P. Fletcher for a preliminary hearing in a robbery charge case at Criminal Courts Building on April 8, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. Knight is charged with robbery and criminal threats after allegedly stealing a photographer’s camera during an incident September 5, 2014 in Beverly Hills. (Photo by David Buchan/Getty Images)

Knight also praised the women for their beauty, noting that they all look like “runway models.” Despite this, he clarified that he’s not trying to “holla at them.” “These new bitches so motherf*ckin’ pretty, the rappers and the singers and the people in the industry can’t wait to get on social media and say, ‘Look who I got! Look who I’m dating!’ That’s how bad these b*tches are and they don’t just sound good, they look good,” he continued. “And I ain’t on no weirdo sh*t. I’m content where I am with my age. I ain’t tryna holla at them or nothing like that. I just give them they motherf*ckin’ [flowers]. They the ones that run the industry.”

Suge Knight’s “Collect Call” Podcast

Episodes of Collect Call With Suge Knight are set to release weekly with host Dave Mays calling into Suge Knight, who is serving a 28-year prison sentence. Be on the lookout for further updates from the podcast on HotNewHipHop.

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