Blueface Responds To Chrisean Rock’s “Slave” Comments, She Claims He Deleted Things From Her Phone

Two appearances on The Jason Lee Show have sparked weeks of new drama for Blueface and Chrisean Rock. Blue’s interview came first where he made some statements about Megan Thee Stallion that got everyone talking. That included Chrisean who explained what she would do if she was Jaidyn Alexis in that situation. The interview even led Blue to spark a beef with his own mom who also gave her thoughts on Jaidyn online.

Recently, it was Chrisean Rock’s turn to appear on The Jason Lee Show and unsurprisingly her interview sparked plenty of drama of its own. One of the allegations that’s sticking out the most has to do with Blueface’s expectation of loyalty above all else. “It was just more like I couldn’t really give him what he wanted. He wanted a slave,” Rock explained during the interview. It didn’t take long for Blue to respond to the inflammatory comments. Check out what he said below.

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Blueface Claps Back At Chrisean

A lie will always go further then the truth it’s more exciting

— blueface (@bluefacebleedem) November 2, 2023

“A lie will always go further than the truth it’s more exciting,” Blueface said in his first tweet addressing the situation. “You openly admit to playing somebody to get to where you want to be but somehow you are the victim that got played when you got to where you wanted to be makes 0 sense that’s a hell of a contradiction,” he said in a follow-up. He wasn’t done yet either as he went on to tweet even more about Rock and their relationship later on.

In another element of ongoing drama between the two, Chrisean claimed that Blue is deleting things from her phone. During a recent Instagram live she told viewers that he recently went through her phone picking out stuff to delete, particularly pointing out that he erased a sex tape the pair had made. What do you think of Blueface’s response to Chrisean Rock’s claims he wanted a slave rather than a girlfriend? Let us know in the comment section below.

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