Jim Jones’ Vampire Costume Gets Clowned Online: “Bent Black Force Energy”

Well, you see it on the page… Jim Jones’ vampire costume for Halloween isn’t the most traditional, right? Moreover, it looks like he wanted to mix bloodsucker aesthetics with El día de los muertos (Day of the Dead), which is an interesting and fair interpretation. However, fans weren’t too kind to the Dipset mogul and potential reunion leader in the comments section of his Instagram posts. If you’re curious, he wore this fit to the The Haunted Castle party hosted by Bernice Burgos & P-Reala in Huntington, New York on Hallow’s Eve. With a pair of black Air Force 1s, Capo didn’t go full Nosferatu, but he certainly wasn’t getting any Playboi Carti fans to rock with him.

Jokes aside, this is just one of many frankly ridiculous but perhaps over-hated Halloween costumes from celebrities these days. If we’re going by the worst of the worst celeb costume standards, then Jim Jones didn’t fumble the bag here nearly as badly as people think. Regardless, this creates a contrast between the traditional macho street image that he presents and his actually trick-or-treating aesthetics. But it’s Halloween, folks; can’t even the hardest rappers get goofy for some candy?

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Jim Jones Shows Off His Halloween Costume: Watch

What’s more is that, if you really want to read too deeply into this and make mountains out of molehills, the New York MC’s homage to Day of the Dead aesthetics make sense considering his philosophy that dissing fallen rappers is “distasteful.” “When you’re talking about a dead person, he’s already defeated,” Jim Jones remarked to Talib Kweli on the People’s Party podcast. “What good does it hold you to talk about that person that’s dead? Especially the way they’re talking about it right now. These were things we were trying to stay far away from. If we were into that type of life of crime, these were things that we were trying to get away with.” Still, check out reactions to the vampire costume down below that ignore this respect.

Fans Roast Capo’s Vampire Fit: See Reactions

Screenshots via Instagram @jimjonescapo

Meanwhile, what do you think about this Halloween costume? Are people just hating or was this a true fashion fail no matter how you slice it? Whatever the case, let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep checking in with HNHH for the latest news and updates on Jim Jones.

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