Meek Mill Responds To Diss From Rapper Dee-1 Against Him, Rick Ross & Jim Jones

Meek Mill, Rick Ross, and Jim Jones recently caught some strays from underground New Orleans rapper Dee-1, who called them out on Sway’s Universe recently. Moreover, the specific reason has to do with these artists’ content matter, which the Christian MC sees as harmful and thinks they “could do better.” Of course, this is notable because of Rozay and Meek’s upcoming collaborative album, Too Good To Be True. In addition, the Dipset boss has also been quite vocal in their support of them throughout this project’s rollout. Furthermore, the Philly MC was the first to directly respond to this diss, and we’ll see if more fallout comes from it. “Nah we do everything lol,” Meek Mill began his response to Dee-1 on his Instagram Story. Sure, it’s not a full-on response track or diss record, but addressing the contention at hand is an important first step.

Nevertheless, he continued: “I was rapping this way when I became the face of reform. That’s how I got there y’all forgot that fast.” Meanwhile, this is what Dee-1 had to say about Rick Ross, Jim Jones, and Meek Mill. “Jim Jones, you could do better, brother,” he began on radio waves. “I love you too much to not be honest with you. Rick Ross, you could do better, brother. Meek Mill, you could do better, brother! I love you too much not to be honest with you. Oh, you the face of prison reform? Or are you sitting here on your new song with Ross talking about getting somebody murked, and shot at the red light? Which one is it, bro? ‘Cause I did a shoe giveaway in my city and gave out 1,300 pairs of your shoes because they said ‘Reform’ underneath them.

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Dee-1 Addresses Rick Ross, Jim Jones & Meek Mill, Who Responds To His Critique

“I love that you partnered with a major shoe company and you out here pushing prison reform,” he continued. “But this man glorifying getting people killed as of a week ago!’ Like, what are you doing, bro? Lil’ Snoop really got killed, that broke your heart. You wear him around your neck. Why are you glorifying the same thing? The rap game, the hip-hop industry is great at cooking up some delicious poison. I don’t call you out because I got a problem with you, man. Like, I wish we could go get lunch right now, me and any of them. I love you too much to not be honest with you. That’s what it is, bro. So yeah, if anybody feel bad about being called out, it’s like, let’s talk. Let’s talk about it and let’s just figure out what we can do better.

“But at the end of the day, guess what’s not changing?,” Dee-1 continued. “The word of God ain’t changing. There’s death and life in the power of the tongue, Proverbs 18 and 21. That’s not changing. Trying with this foolish argument that, ‘It’s just entertainment, this ain’t real!’ How many more people gotta die in the hood, man? How many people, at the end of the day, lives gotta get ruined and poisoned and how many rappers gotta get killed for us to be like, ‘Come on, man’? When it’s hip-hop, it’s a whole culture. It’s implied that this is autobiographical and this is non-fiction tales that people are telling. How much does that have to happen? Don’t hit me with that. People just don’t want to confront the reality of this stuff.” For more on Dee-1, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, and Jim Jones, stick around on HNHH.

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