Soulja Boy Reveals His Unbelievable Feature And Show Rates

Soulja Boy is one of the most influential artists ever. Overall, he is someone who was able to change the music game. With “Crank Dat,” he found a way to manipulate Limewire so that other songs would actually play him instead. At a very young age, he burst into superstardom and has been able to ride that wave for years. However, that is not to say he hasn’t had other hits. In fact, he has delivered a plethora of great tracks and projects throughout the years.

At this stage in his career, some of you may be wondering what his finances look like. After all, it is easy for artists to let the well run dry after a while in the limelight. However, it doesn’t seem like that is happening to the rapper. In fact, he continues to rake in the cash. Based on some of his recent comments, he is able to do it thanks to the hefty fees that he charges for features and shows. In the clip below, Soulja Boy can be seen flexing cash while revealing that a feature costs $1 million and a show will cost $100K.

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Soulja Boy Gives His Demands

Soulja Boy is charging $1 Million for a feature & $100k for a show

— Code RED (@CodeRED_tv) November 1, 2023

“If you want a verse, it’s gon’ cost you a M,” Soulja Boy explained. “You want a show, it’s gon’ cost you $100k. You want an after party, it’s gon cost you 50 bands. We just turnt Texas up. This what it’s gon’ cost you. No cap. That’s just what it’s gon’ cost you.” At the end of the day, any artist can set any price for themselves. Besides, getting a Soulja Boy feature would have to be an honor given his history. They don’t happen often, although we wish the opposite was true.

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