Travis Kelce Takes Measures To Avoid Trick-Or-Treaters, Stylist Denies Taylor Swift Outfit Inspiration Theories

Travis Kelce wasn’t taking any chances with trick-or-treaters this week. According to images obtained by the Daily Mail, Kelce adorned the front of his mansion in Kansas City with caution tape to deter visitors. Meanwhile, a private security guard was posted out front and reportedly people that nobody was home. It’s unclear if Kelce and girlfriend Taylor Swift spent the holiday together after Kelce returned home from a blowout loss in Denver. However, it appears that if they were home, they certainly weren’t looking to garner any attention.

Meanwhile, Kelce’s personal stylist has addressed claims that Kelce’s recent outfits were “inspired” by new beau Taylor Swift. “They are playful, polished and cozy, which Travis always does so well. I don’t have the answer to the [curtain theory],” Danielle Salzedo told Us Weekly. The comments were in relation to a theory amongst Swifties that a pair of crushed velvet pants Kelce sported last month were homage to a 2022 Taylor Swift TikTok series called “Midnight Mayhem with me”. “However, when people authentically connect, they start to have those serendipitous coincidences,” Salzedo noted.

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Kelce Big Fan Of Halloween Costumes

travis kelce surrounding his house with a “crime scene” tape to keep kids away is funnier when you know that last year he got got with the take one rule

— flor (@florbb) November 2, 2023

While Kelce didn’t put out candy on Halloween, he was certainly a big fan of people dressing up as him. “It was a Kelce Halloween. So cool,” Kelce said on the podcast he does with his brother. However, Jason Kelce wasn’t so enthused about the idea. “It was pretty creepy watching that many people be us, but it was awesome,” the Eagles center said.

Traylor costumes could be seen all over the country, as well as in the mainstream media. Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuela donned the outfit for Live With Kelly & Mark. Meanwhile, Bradley Cooper dressed up as Kelce while his 6-year-old daughter took inspiration from Swift’s video for “22”. Also embracing the trend was Utah Senator Mitt Romney and his wife Ann. While there’s no word on if Kelce got into costume on Halloween, he did do this week’s New Heights episode dressed as the sun. Jason, however, chose not to dress up for the episode.

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