Cam’ron Clowns Mase For Wearing SKIMS: “Every Time I Say Something, I’m Bullying”

Cam’ron and Mase’s sports talk show It Is What It Is goes beyond athletics into pretty much every topic under the sun. As two seasoned MCs, they have a lot to say about the rap game, and as seasoned celebrities, they have a lot of unique perspectives on pop culture. One of these takes came concerning Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS clothing brand, which recently became an official partner of the NBA. In fact, Killa Cam couldn’t help but squint at his co-host when he revealed that he tried on a piece from the brand when he heard this news. The “Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems” spitter actually enjoyed how it fit, and the Dipset leader had to hold his tongue.

“I’m not gon’ lie,” Mase began his remarks on the shape-wear brand, which caused Cam’ron to prepare for some unfortunate roasts. “When I put the SKIMS tank top on, my ribs stopped hurting. So shoutout to SKIMS. I wouldn’t wear it, wear it but somebody sent it to me and I wanted to see. It wasn’t the one-piece, it was just the tank top.”

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The SKIMS discussion starts around the 51-minute mark.

“I’m not gon’ say nothing because every time I say something, I’m bullying,” Cam’ron responded. “I’m Cam ‘Take It Too Far.’ I make somebody’s blog, I make somebody’s morning show. Myself, I’m not gonna talk about SKIMS three times in one week. If SKIMS helps your ribs out, fine. I talk about SKIMS then I talk about Kim Kardashian, then n***as go, ‘Oh, Cam went too far that week.’ F**k it, let’s do it. They pushing an agenda in the NBA, man. There’s agendas being pushed. They see what’s going on with Taylor Swift in the NFL, who could we get here?

“Now we got Kim and Taylor in the top two sports in America,” he went on. “And it’s a Kim Kardashian situation in the NBA and a Taylor Swift situation in the NFL. Do you know that the Kansas City Chiefs- and maybe we’ll talk about this on Sunday or Monday when we come back next week. But I want to bring this stat up. When Taylor Swift is in attendance, the Chiefs are 4-0 and Travis Kelce is averaging 108 yards per game. When she’s not there, they’re 2-2 and he’s averaging 50 yards per game.” For more news and the latest updates on Cam’ron, Mase, and SKIMS, keep checking in with HNHH.

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