Global Citizen & pgLang Create New Touring Circuit ‘Move Africa’

Global Citizen and pgLang have teamed up to create a new touring circuit throughout Africa titled Move Afrika: A Global Citizen Experience. To kick off the initiative, Kendrick Lamar will headline Move Afrika: Rwanda at the BK Arena in Kigali, Rwanda, on Dec. 6. Lamar’s pgLang company will serve as the Curator of Move Afrika for the next five years, from 2023 until 2028. 

According to a press release, the goal of Move Afrika will be to “address the world’s inequities by creating job and entrepreneurship opportunities for the continent’s emerging generations through an annual series of world-class live events.” It will also “drive transformative investments within local communities, engage local artists, vendors, agencies and crews, and provide opportunities for on-the-job skill development and training.”


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Rwanda will host Move Afrika for the next five years. After that, the tour schedule will add more countries with hopes of expanding to five by 2025. Partners of Move Afrika include pgLang, the Rwanda Development Board and TimesLive.

“Africa is driving culture and creativity globally, but the Continent has been left out of the global music touring circuit for too long,” says Hugh Evans, co-founder and CEO of Global Citizen. “By moving from one-off events to the sustained commitment of an annual tour, Move Afrika will drive transformative investments across Africa through the pioneering of a world-class touring circuit.”

“Our goal with Move Afrika is to inspire local youth and artists to unlock their creativity. We hope to curate an immersive experience that empowers various communities and cultures across Africa and around the world for a lifetime,” adds pgLang.

Move Afrika will also aim to include regional artists to the Dec. 6 show to perform alongside Lamar. For more information and tickets to the event, fans can go here

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