Jeezy Denounces Infidelity On New Song “Don’t Cheat”

Jeezy has had a surprisingly busy week. That began when he announced his new project. It’s a double album called I Might Forgive… But I Don’t Forget. The album features 29 songs which add up to nearly 90 minutes. One thing it doesn’t have is any features with Jeezy himself handling the entirety of the project. But one song in particular on the long tracklist is already grabbing the attention of fans.

The 13th song on the album is called “Don’t Cheat” and it lives up to that name. On the chorus, he explains why he believes that cheating is improper. “Tell me you gon’ hold it down baby girl ’cause this sh*t ain’t for the weak, Nah, real n*ggas don’t cheat, I be out here getting paper while you sleep, Once again, ’cause real n*ggas don’t cheat,” he says on the chorus. He also takes time on the song to talk about how he’s been the victim of infidelity in the past, which really got fans’ attention. Listen to the entire new song below.

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Jeezy Speaks Out Against Cheating

The reason so many fans are honing in on this song comes from another bit story Jeezy has dealt with in 2023. Back in September, he filed divorce from his wife Jeannie Mai. In the petition, he said that his reason for ending the marriage was that it was “irretrievably broken.” The marriage was relatively short-lived with the pair only tying the knot two years ago.

While he’s been cagey about identifying cheating as one of the reasons for the divorce, some fans online jumped to conclusions. For those that were already curious, the new song “Don’t Cheat” feels like a full-on embrace of the talking point. The divorce absolutely shocked fans online. Thought some in the rap world like Joe Budden expressed a lot less shock about the news when it first broke. What do you think of Jeezy taking a stand against cheating on his new album? Let us know in the comment section below.

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