Latto Reacts To Her Song With Jung Kook Hitting A Billion Streams

Latto’s recent achievement on Spotify is nothing short of monumental. Her collaboration “Seven” with Jung Kook has rewritten the record books by becoming the fastest song to reach a billion streams on the platform. TMZ caught up with Latto at the airport, where she shared her thoughts on this remarkable milestone. With a sense of awe in her eyes, Latto encapsulated her reaction to this feat in a single word – “crazy.” The magnitude of the achievement had left her in a state of disbelief, yet she acknowledged that it was a testament to the power of her music and the unwavering support of her dedicated fanbase.

Moreover, Latto offered an intimate glimpse into the creation of “Seven,” revealing that the song had arrived in her life like a gift from the universe. She also shared the personal significance of the song, as it coincided with a challenging year marked by the loss of her best friend. However, in her eyes, the success of “Seven” felt like a comforting message from her departed friend, reassuring her that he was watching over her. “Thinking about how the song came together, it kind of just fell in my lap,” Latto said. “I had lost my best friend this year and I really be feeling like its him making sure I’m straight.”

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Latto Plans On Getting Back In The Studio Soon

Furthermore, when questioned about her plans to return to the studio, Latto’s response was excited. She had no intention of slowing down. “We’re already talking,” she revealed, hinting at a future collaboration with Jung Kook. This commitment to artistic exploration underscores her determination to continually push creative boundaries. Moreover, one of the most intriguing facets of her recent success was the outpouring of love and support from Jung Kook’s fervent fanbase, aptly known as “the army.” “His fans, they dont play,” she said. “I be seeing them all up under my pics.”

Latto acknowledged the army’s admiration, emphasizing that they were a force to be reckoned with. Her newfound presence on the global music stage, courtesy of the collaboration with Jung Kook, had expanded her horizons in unforeseen ways. As an artist, Latto viewed her recent accomplishment as a transformative milestone. She proudly disclosed that “Seven” had earned her the coveted Video Music Award (VMA), marking her first VMA win. The global reach achieved through the song had unlocked new opportunities and artistic avenues for her to explore. Latto’s journey is far from over. With her sights firmly set on the future and exciting collaborations in the pipeline, she is poised to continue her ascent in the music industry.

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