Turbo And Gunna Reunite for New Collaboration “Bachelor”

Hip-hop enthusiasts rejoice as the dynamic duo of producer Turbo and rapper Gunna have joined forces once again to deliver a new song. The track, aptly titled “Bachelor,” just dropped and fans are buzzing with excitement to see the two finally return together. This collaboration isn’t uncharted territory for Turbo and Gunna. In fact, they have a history of working together in the past. Typically, Turbo has been the mastermind behind the scenes, handling the production work for several of Gunna’s previous projects, including the critically acclaimed “Drip Harder,” “Drip Or Drown 2,” and “Wunna.” To name a few. Turbo’s production skills have consistently complemented Gunna’s lyrical finesse, creating hits that have resonated with fans worldwide.

However, Turbo made a shift from his role as a producer a few years ago when he ventured into the world of being a credited artist. His debut single in 2020, “Quarantine Clean,” featured guest verses from both Gunna and Young Thug, giving a glimpse of his versatility and artistry. Since then, fans have been eager to witness more of Turbo’s work. And overall, the song lives up to expectations. The new track incorporates a sample from James Blake’s “Do You Ever,” which prominently features a piano melody.

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The official cover art for “Bachelor” was unveiled by Turbo earlier in the week, featuring a sharply lit bouquet of roses, hinting at a sense of passion and romance. As far as Gunna, he has been relatively low-key in the media over the past few months, following a busy first half of the year. In fact, he’s been on quite the hot streak. His song, “fukumean,” from his album a Gift & a Curse, remains a chart-topping favorite, holding a prominent position in the Hot 100 and recently earning platinum certification.

With “Bachelor,” fans can expect the same level of excellence that Turbo and Gunna have consistently delivered in their previous collaborations. Their ability to create musical magic together is undeniable, and the new single is another jewel in their already impressive crown of hits.

Quotable Lyrics:

Who else you thinkin’ ’bout?
I can’t be callin’ your phone every day
F**k is you thinkin’ ’bout
This s**t ain’t loyal, then it’s gonna spoil your heart
Like the trash, you can take it out

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