[Exclusive Interview] qman(9.10000) Explains the Appeal of Retro Music

Retro singer-songwriter qman(9.10000), who has been paving his way to stardom both in Korea and Japan through Channel A’s ‘Youth Star‘ and MBC’s ‘Riverside Song Contest New Challenge,’ released his second EP ‘Analog9ue’ in October.
Showing off his exceptional songwriting through a series of TV appearances, qman has filled [Analo9ue] with five tracks that are tied with a single message-that harsh reality will one day turn into happy memories to look back at.

The title track ‘Supercar’ is a cheerful take on the gap between reality and big childhood dreams, crafted with 80’s retro-based sound elements. Check it out!

Sweetheart,’ ‘Murphy & Sally,’ and ‘Impulse,’ tracks that finally made their way onto an official release, much to the delight of fans who could only hear them at live shows tell of times spent pondering about love and life.
The song ‘WWAVE’ is a killer track to listeners but also to big-name musicians like Lee Seunghwan, Yoon Jongshin, and Kim Eana after being featured on ‘Youth Star.’


After the release of this EP, KpopWise was able to catch up with qman to learn more about this album and his love for retro-vibe music. 
Hi qman(9.10000), nice to meet you and discuss your music! Can you introduce yourself to the KpopWise readers? 
Hello KpopWise readers! My name is qman(9.10000), a retro singer-songwriter giving good vibes only.
Can you tell us about your new EP [Analo9ue]? 
My latest EP [Analo9ue] is an attempt to recreate an analog sound. It’s also reminiscent of my favorite music, filled with the times I’ve spent analyzing retro pop. The overall mood will prompt memories from the good old days.
What is the creative process like for you? 
Like I’ve said, I’m obsessed with sounds from back in the days-especially the sound of vintage synthesizers. So I start by creating a keyboard track, then write out the chords, melodies, and lyrics. Most importantly, I go on short vacations and get enough rest because the very first thing I need to write good music is a calm state of mind.
What gives you inspiration for music? 
Films, old pop, and my own experiences inspire me the most. I tend to turn everyday episodes into music.
What is a funny moment filming a music video? 
The lifeguard outfit I wore for the beach shoot made me laugh out loud. It was a bit embarrassing because the shorts were so short they almost looked like boxers!
Who are your favorite retro artists? 
ELO, Jackson 5, and Brick are my biggest influences.
What is something you want to hear from others? 
Like every other artist, I’m happiest when someone compliments my music. In fact, that’s my strongest drive. Making music gets more exciting when I hear compliments.
Do you have any other hobbies or non-music-related talents?
I love fishing(especially bass fishing), camping, and searching for fishing equipments.
What message do you want to give your listeners? 
Retro music is always full of stories, memories, and even history. I hope my music reminds each and every listener of their memories, happy and emotional ones alike.
What can we expect from you next? 
My foremost goal is to improve and expand my musicality. I’ll be releasing new music and doing gigs on the regular until the day I get invited to perform at an international music festival. Expect to see me working hard!

Listen to [Analo9ue] on Spotify




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