Girl Group BVNDIT Have Disbanded


MNH Entertainment, agency of BVNDIT said on November 11, “After in-depth discussions with the members, we decided to terminate Bandit’s exclusive contract with the end of October 2022.”

“The members decided to support each other for the new beginning, and we also want to support the future of the members. “I’m truly sorry for the sudden news to the fans who cared about Bandit.”

BVNDT is a five-member girl group that debuted with the single album “BVNDIT, BE AMBITIOUS!” in 2019. In May, they released their second mini-album “Carnival.”

Fans trended #ThankYouBVNDT on Twitter in response to the news. 
You can follow the members on their personal social media accounts.

Yiyeon @jungyiyeona___
Songhee @ssong.h0
Jungwoo @xx942xx__
Simyeong @s_i_meyong
Seungeun @s_seung_eun

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