Souvenir Speaks with us on his Latest Single “Karma”

Pop artist Souvenir speaks with us on his newest release “Karma” and more in an exclusive interview!

Souvenir’s music is a unique brand of synth pop magic. The Brooklyn-based 27 year old seeks to effortlessly reference the classic sounds he was raised on, while his millennial/Gen Z cusp sensibilities keep him proudly tuned in to the current pop frequencies.

The result is an infectious testament to youth, heartbreak, and the modern queer experience, scored by sweeps and hooks fit for a queen (Carly Rae Jepsen).

Souvenir’s heartbeat is synced with that of the East Coast- from a small town on Cape Cod, to music school in Miami, to now being a true New York City Boy.

Souvenir started releasing back in 2017, but has grown so much since then as an independent artist, with his last EP release titled “HUMAN NATURE” produced by FLORIO back on September 30th in 2022.

Most recently, he released “Karma,” a powerful and catchy pop track with crispy clean and beautiful vocals. The instrumental perfectly compliments the vocals here, setting the foundation for the soundscape in Souvenir’s emotions behind the song. The chorus and hook here are so catchy, it’s quite easy for it to get stuck in your head.

I’ve also had the privilege of seeing Souvenir perform this live, and his delivery perfectly matches the studio version almost seamlessly, making it look easy. I found myself enamored in the energy and power behind his voice and stage presence.

Check out my interview with him below about the track!

Bryce Quartz: Hey Souvenir, how are you doing today?

Souvenir: Hey! I’m great. It’s a beautiful day here in NYC, my thighs are OUT.

Bryce Quartz: How are you feeling now that your latest track “Karma” is streaming on all platforms?

Souvenir: SO GREAT! This is the first single of the next ~*era*~ for me, and the first release that’s a co-write between my producer and me! I can’t wait to share more of what we’ve been cooking up, but Karma definitely felt like the right choice as the first one out.

Bryce Quartz: I can hear the passion in your voice on this song. What inspired you to create this track and what does it mean to you personally?

Souvenir: Thank you! The song grew out of the main hook lyric “Karma’s not your friend and neither am I.” My producer/co-writer FLORIO and I wanted to walk the fine line between being bitter and hurt, and being liberated and free, and capturing that feeling in this big cathartic vocal chorus. We had both been wronged by ex-partners, friends, etc. and wanted to tell that story of moving on, but also realizing how toxic that person really was. I’ve never really put out a song from this sort of wounded but healing mental space. It really felt like new emotional territory, and being influenced by artists like MUNA and Carly Rae Jepsen totally helped us find that emotive, nostalgic pop sound to express it perfectly in.

Bryce Quartz: I had the chance to see you perform this track live, and your voice is simply amazing to hear in real life. You have a talent for bringing the energy from your tracks directly to the stage. How do you translate this energy from the studio to the stage?

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