Public Memory Returns with “Savage Grin” from Forthcoming New Album “Elegiac Beat”

Savage grin in the courthouse

Tore the morning quiet

Qualified the terror

Had to phase you out

Public Memory crafts mesmerizing melodies that echo from the remote recesses of the psychic topography. A fusion of rough-hewn atmospherics, disrupted synths, and ethereal vocal elements blend seamlessly with a medley of both digital and organic percussion, giving birth to a potent aura of discomfort. Such a concoction, when layered with the muted luminosity of the production and emotionally charged vocals, paints a distinctive picture of strength dancing on the razor’s edge of fragility.

Their latest single, “Savage Grin”, channels that trip-hop splendour of Portishead, Sneaker Pimps, and Massive Attack, with its languid beats and haunting echo vocals. There’s an ominous feeling in the chiming melody, as if coming from a cursed music box locked in a trunk in the attic. It feels as though we’re ensconced in a mountainous hotel lounge or a timeless, glittering ballroom, yet with an underlying sensation of being pursued or haunted.

This powerful lyrical piece navigates the vast spectrum of human emotion and experience, all under a storm cloud framed by moonlight. They hover between a sense of sudden enlightenment or maturity, while underlining the struggle of nonconformity. Confrontation and disruption is inevitable – even necessary-  be it an internal or societal battle against superficial authority figures and a system draped in darkness and deceit.

Overall, the lyrics are a profound exploration of individuality, power dynamics, and the journey towards truth, echoing with thunderous resonance in the listener’s consciousness.

Listen below:

Over the course of seven prolific years, Public Memory has meticulously carved out an unmistakably spectral and enigmatic oeuvre through their unique blend of analogue synthesizers, hybrid rhythms, raw sonic textures, and gritty atmospheric elements.

Public Memory’s latest offering, ‘Elegiac Beat,’ plunges us headfirst into this fascinating realm. The introduction conveys a sense of immediate transition – a swift shift from a known Point A to an intriguing Point B. The journey revisits the nebulous luminosity and skeletal architectural vestiges of past albums, yet with an unanticipated vibrancy and a golden tinge blurring the borders.

Elegiac Beat‘ finds itself straddling two realms, and in this delicate balance, it leaves us wondering whether its light source is the radiant sun, or a soft echo bouncing off the grand ballroom universe.

The album is out in September on digital and vinyl via the label felte.

You can preorder the album here

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