[Concert Review] Agust D Makes Sunny Singapore Hotter with ‘D-Day’ Concert

Another country was gifted Agust D’s D-Day, and this time was beautiful Singapore. Residing in the Philippines, I flew out to catch Agust D’s June 17th show, the 2nd of three shows in the country. And honestly, from the videos circulating online, I would never have expected the concert to feel like a you’ll-be-okay hug after a long day.
Despite the concert starting at 7 PM, I was already at the stadium at 1. Fans often pile up outside a show’s venue early to purchase official merchandise, line up to take photos beside Agust D’s massive D-Day Wall, or give away fan-made merch, candies, purple ribbons, and stickers to fellow concertgoers.

A must-do before the concert: take a photo at the D-Day Wall


At 5 PM, soundcheck was already taking place with barricade VIPs, while for others, this was queuing and waiting a little bit more. It wasn’t much of an inconvenience as everyone just enjoyed hanging out with fellow ARMYs and watching RM’s live performance via Weverse.


Banners bigger than A4 weren’t allowed in the concert, but that didn’t stop ARMYs from letting Agust D know how they felt.


I was lucky enough to get a hold of a VIP ticket (without soundcheck), so entering the venue and finding out I was at least just five people away from the stage made me ecstatic!


I heard the sound of rain when I entered. The lights were red and blue, dimmed just enough to see people around me. It felt as if I was amidst a beautiful disaster, while a montage of Agust D’s past and recent music videos started playing on the big screen to introduce D-Day. And in no time, loud thumping music burst through the speakers as smoke filled the stage. Agust D appeared, lighting up the stadium with his glowing presence and insane vocals.



Proudly dressed up in Valentino, Agust D radiated watch-me energy. Despite being away from his bandmates and wishing they were there with him, he took command of the stage and set fire ablaze in the hearts of fans with his performance. He kicked off the show with Haegeum which was followed seamlessly by Daechwita.



His concert production was unlike that of BTS’, which has always been extravagant. Instead, Agust D kept it simple and minimalist. But even though that was the case, everything still screamed his name; from the pyrotechnics and smoke to the haunting red lights and the black-to-white outfits, Agust D was etched in every bit of the show.



There was also no denying his immense talent. His voice, whether spitfire rapping or belting smooth notes, sounded like a record. He was in his element the whole time; running around and kicking the air or playing an instrument while sitting down. He narrated a three-part journey of death and resuscitation, survival, and pushing forward.



His setlist included old favorites like Agust D, Give It To Me, an acoustic version of Trivia 轉: Seesaw, and songs from his latest album, “D-Day.”




Agust D’s performance in Singapore was incredible beyond measure. He proved he could shine brightly outside of BTS, leaving fans speechless with awe. He truly made his concert his own and it felt new but familiar. It was outraged but also vulnerable at the same time. The concert venue was king-sized but intimate. I went to an Agust D concert but left feeling like I had a proper catch-up with an old friend.



Agust D shows honesty and bravery in his music, and his realness makes him an artist to remember. Min Yoongi just celebrated his 10th year in the industry alongside the rest of BTS. But for this artist alone, his time in the spotlight is looking limitless, whether as SUGA, Agust D, or Min Yoongi.

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