Blueface To Pay $13 Million In Vegas Strip Club Shooting Damages: Report

Blueface is a man of many talents, businesses, lanes, industries, antics, and a whole lot of Internet exposure. If you’re not reading about his mother’s latest rant or feud with him, and it’s not his baby mama drama either, you’re probably checking out a piece about a wild take of his within the realm of pop culture. What you’re reading right now, though, is something that could really stop the rapper in his tracks. Moreover, according to legal documents obtained by TMZ Hip Hop, a judge ordered him to pay $13 million in damages over a 2022 Las Vegas strip club shooting that the court found him guilty of. For those unaware, the venue in question, Euphoric Gentlemen’s Club, sued the Cali MC for allegedly ruining their business and won this new summary judgement.

Furthermore, he actually got probation in this case, which is a lucky break to say the least. However, it’s unclear how Blueface will respond to all this because he wasn’t even there to witness or challenge the motion. Not only that, but this civil case doesn’t list that he has an attorney, so we don’t know if he will want to appeal. Either way, this is a whole lot of money for the “BDD” artist to cough up, and we’re sure that he’s not feeling too happy about this.

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Blueface At A 2022 Fashion Show

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 14: Blueface attends Daniels Leather Fashion Show at Blue Moon on September 14, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images)

What’s more is that the payment itself isn’t entirely one-sided; he has a few different complications to answer for. To break it down, Blueface’s damages bill overwhelmingly comprises of compensation for lost revenue, which totals $12.9 million in this case. In addition, he must pay $198K in lease damages, $84K in payroll expenses to the club’s employees after it shut down in November of last year, and a couple other considerations. With all this in mind, the 26-year-old received orders to take care of a lot of loose ends in this case following a guilty verdict.

Meanwhile, he got a suspended sentence thanks to his plea deal in this case. That translates to only three years of probation and no time behind bars if the MILF Music label boss keeps clean and proper in his movement. Surely, we will get a reaction to all this very, very soon. On that note, stay logged into HNHH for more news and the latest updates on Blueface.

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