Lori Harvey & Prince From “L&HH” Hooked Up, He Claims It Was “Phenomenal”

Meek Mill isn’t the only man who’s got Lori Harvey on his wishlist. The Memphis-born socialite has long been lusted after among rappers, athletes, and actors, though she has yet to find the one whom she plans to settle down with. Damson Idris looks to be a strong contender for a future together, however, fans thought the same about her ex, Michael B. Jordan and that came to a sudden end. For the most part, Harvey’s exes keep quiet about the time they spent together, which is reportedly due to an NDA she has them sign. However, on the We in Miami podcast, Prince of Love & Hip Hop fame alleged that he and the skincare guru used to spend time in bed together.

“I’m probably gonna get some s**t for this, but Lori Harvey,” the embattled entertainer told the show’s hosts when asked which stars he’s been intimate with. “It wasn’t like a smash though, it was like, I was really f**king with her and she was really f**king with me,” Prince further alleged. “She would Uber to my place on the beach and come out to stay with me some nights,” he recalled before declaring that their fling was “phenomenal.”

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Prince Says He and Lori Harvey Smashed During Her Thick Era

According to Prince, Harvey was in her thick era at the time, which made it all the more pleasurable for him. The pair even became comfortable enough for the TV personality to attempt to take a video of them being intimate, but she caught him too quickly.

As Lori Harvey continues to thrive in her various endeavours, an increasing number of men are attempting to link themselves to her. Apart from Prince’s confession about their alleged romantic past, we also saw another L&HH star, Khaotic, photoshop his face on top of Damson Idris’ to appear as though he was snuggling with the fashionista. See the edited image at the link below, and tap back in later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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