Gunplay’s Wife Vonshae Taylor-Morales Speaks Out Following His Arrest

In a recent turn of events, the rapper Gunplay found himself in handcuffs once again for violating a restraining order issued by his estranged wife, Vonshae Taylor-Morales. This incident, which marked the eighth time he had defied the order, raised concerns about the safety of Vonshae and her child. Following the arrest, Vonshae decided to break her silence, taking to Instagram to share a heartfelt statement expressing her gratitude for the protection she and her daughter received, and to shed light on the difficult journey she has endured. “My daughter and I are safe, we are back home with my family and support system until this is over,” she wrote. “Although this has been very frightening, I am beyond thankful that the house arrest officers and sheriffs department kept my daughter safe before anything horrible happened.”

“Regardless of how the public may feel about my mistakes and recent choices, I am still human,” she said. “No mother and child should have to constantly uproot their life and live in fear of a man. I really want to take this time to heal in a safe space. Put all of this behind me and get on the path I started on before I met him. I can admit I have been under intense stress and pressure this past year. I haven’t handle any of it the best way.” The incident that prompted Vonshae’s statement took place on October 25th when Gunplay’s GPS ankle monitor went off, alerting authorities to his proximity to her home. The Florida Department of Corrections Community Control immediately notified the Miami-Dade County Sheriff’s deputies, who swiftly detained Gunplay before he could interact with Vonshae and her child.

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Gunplay’s Wife Speaks Out

Moreover, she took the time to let her followers know she’s OK. “There has been a lot built up, misplaced anger,” she continued to write. “I’m ready to let go and let god. Thank you guys for the prayers and well wishes.” Vonshae acknowledged her mistakes and recent choices, highlighting that despite her public image, she is still human. The statement calls attention to the plight of mothers who find themselves constantly uprooting their lives and living in fear of someone, even when protected by the law.

The statement also shed light on the immense stress and pressure Vonshae had been under in the past year. She admitted to not always handling it in the best way, expressing that there had been a buildup of misplaced anger. This candid admission serves as a reminder of the hidden struggles people face behind closed doors, emphasizing the need for support and compassion. Vonshae concluded her statement by expressing her readiness to let go and let God take control of her life. This declaration is a testament to her resilience and determination to move past the dark chapter she has been living through. Her message serves as an inspiration to anyone facing adversity and striving to reclaim their life’s direction.

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