Ado’s ‘Show’ Returns to No. 1 on Japan Hot 100

As predicted last week, Ado’s “Show” returns to No. 1 on the Billboard Japan Hot 100, dated Nov. 1, logging its fifth week atop the tally after gaining further momentum leading up to Halloween.

Both streaming and downloads for the USJ Halloween event theme increased from the week before, with the former reaching 14,861,306 weekly streams, up approximately 3.2 percent. Downloads are up 17.9 percent at 17,617 units, landing the track at No. 2 for the metric. Points for video views are also up 39 percent (No. 1) and radio jumps 21-7 with an increase of 48 percent. The “Zombie de Dance” show is scheduled to end Sunday (Nov. 5), so it’ll be interesting to see how far “Show” can extend its record atop the Billboard Japan song chart after the spooky festivities come to an end. 

The lead song off J-pop boy band WEST.’s first “triple-A side” single called “Zettai Zetsumei/Beautiful/AS ONE” released Oct. 25 debuts at No. 3 on the Japan Hot 100 this week. “Zettai Zetsumei” is powered by sales with first-week CD figures for the track reaching 302,821 copies, which is about 1.37 times more than the group’s previous release, “Shiawase no Hana” (220,040 copies).

“Suggoi FEVER!” by Morning Musume. ’23 bows at No. 4. The track leads the girl group’s first new single in ten months, called “Suggoi FEVER!/Wake-up Call~Mezameru toki~/Neverending Shine,” and is the last one including current leader Mizuki Fukumura. The song marks No. 2 for sales with 135,797 copies, surpassing the previous single called “Swing Swing Paradise/Happy birthday to Me!” (121,814 copies).

After hitting No. 1 last week, Sakurazaka46’s “Shoninyokkyu” falls to No. 7, but the track continues to perform well, coming in at No. 5 for sales with 18,196 copies sold and No. 7 for streaming with 6,242,620 weekly streams.

Also, Hey! Say! JUMP’s “Ready to Jump” off the group’s first-ever digital EP “P.U!” debuts at No. 15 on the Japan Hot 100 this week after hitting No. 1 for downloads with 26,719 units including bundle totals. The track is also at No. 26 for video.

The Billboard Japan Hot 100 combines physical and digital sales, audio streams, radio airplay, video views and karaoke data.

See the full Billboard Japan Hot 100 chart, tallying the week from Oct. 23 to 29, here. For more on Japanese music and charts, visit Billboard Japan’s English Twitter account.

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