Joel Embiid Fined $35K For “Obscene” Celebration

The NBA has fined Joel Embiid $35K for “repeatedly making an obscene gesture on the playing court”. The gesture in question was the “DX Crotch Chop”, something first seen in the WWE by the D-Generation X stable. Embiid broke out the move after scoring off a foul in the third quarter in the Sixers’ home opener against the Blazers. Earlier this year, in January, Embiid was fined $25K for making the same gesture in a similar situation against the Nets.

Despite being out $35K, Embiid has gotten an invaluable invitation out of the moment. After news of the fine broke, Triple H, one of the best down DX wrestlers, hit Embiid up on Twitter. Hey @JoelEmbiid – I know a place where you can do that all day, and everyone will love it. WrestleMania 40 is right there in Philly…,” the wrestler wrote. The milestone wrestling touches down in the City of Brotherly Love next April. Furthermore, it’s clear that H wants Embiid front and center.

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Embiid, Sixers Adjust To Life After Harden

Hey @JoelEmbiid – I know a place where you can do that all day, and everyone will love it. @WrestleMania 40 is right there in Philly…

— Triple H (@TripleH) October 31, 2023

The Sixers are 2-1, avenging an opening loss to the Bucks with big wins over the Raptors and Blazers. However. Embiid and the team are now working to figure out life after James Harden. The veteran was finally traded to the Clippers earlier this week. The move possibly marks the last big deal before the trade deadline rolls around. It remains to be seen whether removing Harden’s presence from the locker room will help or hinder the team moving forward. While the team also said goodbye to PJ Tucker, they now have a wealth of draft capital and some solid rotational pieces.

Within the Sixers camp, there appears to be an attempt to be business as usual. “I did [get a call] and I slept through it. But I did get up a couple hours later and came into the office,” head coach Nick Nurse said of learning about the trade. Meanwhile, the players weren’t surprised that Harden was finally moved. “I think our group has been prepared. I think we’ve done a good job of keeping the main thing the main thing, and I think that’s what’s gotten us all to a solid start. We have some really good guys that are focused, that are determined to go out there and play and show what we can do, and [a] coach that’s keeping our mind in the right place,” starter Tyrese Maxey said. Additionally, the Sixers host the Raptors in their next game.

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