What Is Doja Cat’s Best-Selling Album?

There have been four albums, and even more rebrands, but the artistic excellence of Doja Cat has yet to be called into question. It’s evident with her latest project, Scarlet, which has received praise from fans and critics alike. However, one particular album of Doja’s will remain a fan favorite for years to come, especially since she admitted that we may never see that side of her again.

Planet Her, which was released in 2021, became a huge breakout record for a then-rising Doja Cat and her best-selling album to date. With her 2019 sophomore album, Hot Pink, she had already begun a smooth and steady ascent to the top. However, Planet Her made Doja Cat inescapable from public consumption. While she has sworn off the sound, it’s impossible to downplay the album’s significance, especially as it contributed to her widespread mainstream success.

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Shooting For The Stars

Planet Her moved 109,000 units in the first week, making it the best first-week performance of her career. Although Scarlet was widely anticipated, only 72,000 units were sold, failing to surpass its predecessor. In the same vein, Hot Pink sold just 7,900 in its first week. Moreover, Planet Her maintained its momentum in its second, moving 68,000 units. 

While this was already considered a major feat for Doja Cat, the album kept thriving in the following weeks commercially. In the United States alone, it has sold over two million copies. The UK and France follow suit, with platinum certifications for shipments of over 300,000 and 100,000 units, respectively. In Brazil, however, it earned a Diamond certification with over 160,000 units sold.

Five songs were released as official singles on the album. The first was the Grammy-winning “Kiss Me More,” which became a viral success. Owing to its widespread popularity, it has since been certified 5x Platinum in the United States. Moreover, with over 8 million units sold worldwide so far, the single is steadily on pace to secure a Diamond certification. 

Subsequent singles also enjoyed great commercial success, albeit not as impressive as “Kiss Me More.” “Need to Know,” which featured The Weeknd, has achieved a 4x Platinum RIAA certification for over four million sales, and the equally viral hit “Woman” follows with a 3x Platinum certification. Finally, “Get Into It (Yuh)” and “You Right” have both moved over two million units in the United States. In summary, the impressive selection of singles greatly boosted the album’s overall performance commercially. 

Planet Her: Entering The World Of Doja Cat

Planet Her was released in June 2021, and its summery-pop and Hip Hop hybrid mix made it a huge hit. Doja Cat also collaborated with multiple, notable stars on the project, including Ariana Grande, SZA, Eve, and The Weeknd, among others. However, a couple of things made Planet Her a major standout- the sonic production, and the rapper’s undeniable versatility. It’s no wonder the album earned her multiple Grammy nods and one win.

As aforementioned, five singles were released from the album, with each track receiving considerable success on the charts. They also all made waves on TikTok. Furthermore, Doja Cat was praised for utilizing more innovative approaches, a great leap forward from her previous albums. In summary, she was able to create a sonic landscape that resonated with listeners, while still embracing Hip Hop. Additionally, even though the music on the album is widely considered pop, Doja’s rap skills were still prevalent. It became evident that she could seamlessly blend multiple genres, and be comfortable in each of them. As a result, Planet Her triumphed commercially. 

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Visual Artistry & Colorful Rap

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – APRIL 17: Doja Cat performs during Triller Fight Club: Jake Paul v Ben Askren at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on April 17, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images for Triller)

In all of her albums, Doja Cat has maintained a visual path that’s boosted the appeal of her singles. More often than not, she has opted for unconventional, colorful music videos that helped to carve out a specific aesthetic. Early on in her career, she was favorably compared to Nicki Minaj and her Pink Friday album, which offered a blend of bubblegum pop and hardcore rap. For many of her fans, Doja was following in Nicki’s footsteps, and the pair would eventually collaborate on a song. 

Before this, however, the late 2010s were important for Doja Cat. Singles like “Mooo!”,” “Tia Tamera,” and “Candy” had begun to gain viral success. She was quickly starting to gain fame as a colorful rapper, and Hot Pink stamped this image. Between 2019 and early 2021, Doja Cat was pumping out singles that would perform well on social media, particularly TikTok. With the release of the remix of “Say So,” which featured Nicki Minaj, both artists received their first Hot 100 chart-topper. By this time, Doja Cat had built a loyal fandom, and the people clamored for new albums to be released.

In Summary

Although Planet Her was blocked off the Billboard 200’s top spot, it sat comfortably at the penultimate position. Furthermore, the album became the first album by a female rapper to spend 33 weeks in the top 10. Evidently, younger listeners fell in love with the star. Since then, the album and its singles have continued to perform well and enjoy great airplay on radio. Despite a limited physical release, Planet Her has been certified 2x Platinum with over two million units sold. However, it’s only a matter of time before it’s triple-certified. Of all the albums in her discography, Doja Cat owes a lot to Planet Her.


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