NLE Choppa Gets Curved By PinkyDoll, His Baby Mama Posts Pictures Of Their Son

NLE Choppa got shot down by PinkyDoll during an appearance on her stream. Choppa was all over the viral “NPC Streamer”. However, Pinky was having none of it. This led to one particularly uncomfortable moment, when Pinky leaned down to see her chat better and Choppa leaned into smell her hair and whisper in her ear. However, Pinky was having none of it. Immediately straightening up and asking “What is this going on behind me? Way too much.” Choppa tried to defend himself, saying “That’s just how I do” but Pinky simply continued to rebuff him. It’s not particularly easy to watch as Choppa continues to read the room incredibly poorly.

Meanwhile, Choppa’s ex, Marissa DaNae, was taking to Instagram to post a very wholesome picture of her son with Choppa, Chozen. It’s been a while since everything went down between the couple but Marissa claimed that Choppa had paid for her to get IVF and then ditched her soon after she became pregnant. It’s unclear just how involved Choppa is as a father but Chozen appears to be getting plenty of love from his mom regardless. DaNae also posted pictures from across October, including the pair dressing up for Halloween.

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Choppa Gets Weird On Kai Cenat Stream

NLE Choppa was ready to risk it all for PinkyDoll

— Hip Hop Ties (@HipHopTiesMedia) October 31, 2023

Perhaps people should stop inviting Choppa on their streams because this is only the latest livestream incident involving the rapper. Choppa was one of the people involved in Kai Cenat’s prison livestream. However, some people, seemingly Cenat included, felt that Choppa took things a little too far. At one point in the stream, Choppa went full method acting. “Imma f-ck him. I’m not gonna let him play with my booty hole,” Choppa screamed as Cenat watched on in confusion.

Elsewhere in the stream, the pair performed Nicki Minaj’s Drake collab “Moment 4 Life”. The 2010 hit, that peaked at #13 on the Billboard Hot 100, is about two childhood friends realizing they had “made it”. It’s something of a bizarre choice for a prison livestream but then again, a prison roleplay livestream is bizarre enough in and of itself.

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New Photos Of NLE Choppa’s Son

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