Yung Miami And Stunna Girl Clarify That There’s No Beef

Yesterday, Stunna Girl took to Twitter to express her thoughts on people stealing her catchphrases. “I got btchs stealing “Haaaan” like btchs took City Girls “Periodt” & ran witted,” her tweet read. While her intentions seem pretty clear up front, plenty of fans interpreted the tweet as her taking shots at Yung Miami. That was because Miami had just recently shared a selfie using her “haaan” catchphrase as a caption.

Thankfully, the beef didn’t last long as the pair took to Instagram comments about the post to clear things up. “I was SUPPORTING the song lol I pray it’s not that deep!” Miami said in a comment. It clearly caught Stunna’s attention as the also took the chance to clarify. “I ain’t even seen yo picture I literally just gave y’all props about how they stole “Periodt” like they did my sh*t I wasn’t talmbout you boo,” she responded. In the comments, fans mostly agree that there’s no covert beef. “She did give them props I doubt she talking about them,” one of the top comments read. Check out the full interaction and fan reactions below.

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Yung Miami And Stunna Girl Clear The Air

Yung Miami is fresh off of a new album as part of the rap duo City Girls. The pair released RAW, their first new album since 2020’s City On Lock. While fans seemed to enjoy the record a lot, it ultimately delivered pretty underwhelming sales numbers.

For her part, Miami doesn’t seem bothered by the underperformance of RAW. “That’s good for a b**ch who voice y’all hate and can’t rap,” she responded to the news on Twitter. That comment plays into some of the common critiques that fans have of Miami. The criticisms can often go so deep that some fans think her City Girls partner JT should separate entirely and become a solo artist. What do you think of Yung Miami And Stunna Girl making sure fans know there’s no beef? Let us know in the comment section below.

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